Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Backin' Up, Cause My Daddy Taught Me Good

Well this was a random find on my part.
I don't know about you all. but I really hate how awesome Auto Tune is. I hate it for being used in REAL music, but nifty little Auto Tuned things that aren't for serious are AMAZING.

I'm pretty sure most of you have heard the BED INTRUDER song by now, but I was on Stumbleupon yesterday and found this new Auto Tune News segment. They did a good job making this Auto Tune NOT rap like and more...Poppy.

Please enjoy this LOVELY tune called Backin' Up



  1. thats so weird, still supporting

  2. xD yeah remember seeing this by a other blogger. awesome video

  3. thanx for support bro <3

    wierd vid. haha

    keep up the good work :3

  4. I'm both strangely aroused and horrified at the same time. Keep the lulz coming! Ahaha

  5. That...was certainly not something I'd look for on Youtube. But all things considered, I found it hilarious, as well as this blog, so I'm following you.

    I have a blog as well, which can follow if you're interested. It's the life story of a badass, modern Pecos-Bill-type character told in daily vignettes. I'm looking for actual readers, rather than just clickers/supporters, so if anyone's interested, feel free to take a look. =)